a typical day…


© photo by michelle bryant

lying here i dream of you
engulfed in thought, my mind’s consumed
emotions shift from alive to gloom –
and then i start to cry.

staring at the ceiling too
doubting that dreams can come true
thinking life can’t get more blue
and then i ask – “why?”

what is it about touch
that makes mi need it so much?
yet inside i know – i can’t rush
so i just stay here alone…

(and so…)

lying here – i’m all alone
engulfed in thoughts that are all my own
hugging my pillow in my new little home
and so i try to sleep.

lying here i lie awake
it’s the time of day [that] my soul hates
my mind runs wild with dreams of fate.

sleep never seems to come.

the sun rises but i am beat
can’t seem to make it to my feet
got a smile though for the people i’ll meet
but inside i want to cry.

…(and so the day starts – all over again)

© michelle bryant

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