baby i miss you…


© photo by michelle bryant

baby its cold outside,
the rain has turned to ice.

im curled up in this great big bed
wishing you were by my side.

sleep only comes with the sunrise,
and days i try to hold it all together.

(but) snuggling under the covers would be great,
in this stormy kind of weather.

but only pillows surround mi,
your side of the bed is so cold.

i wish when i reached out my arms
that you were there to hold.

how can i get through the night?

how can i stay so strong,
without you right here by my side?

for the night is just too long
i miss your babbling,
your silly shows,
the love we made
and touching toes.

i miss our conversations and touch.

im so lonesome i could cry.

i wish that you were next to mi
’cause baby, its cold outside.


© michelle bryant

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