break free to new heights


Often it is easy to stay hidden, protected, where we feel safe from hurt and harm. It is difficult to let go to be free, even though hanging on can be exhausting.

It’s hard to give up what we know.Because, somewhere deep inside, we’ve convinced ourselves that we are comfortable, content. After all, dont we have a right to be there after everything we’ve ben through, every obstacle we’ve conquered? Dont we deserve to just hangĀ out and be? Besides, it is a big scary world out there. and in our special tightly wrapped cocoon, our safe little world we feel that nothing can defeat us.

But think about this. What are you missing by “playing it safe?” What blessings, joys, thrills and accomplishments are you denying yourself? Breaking free and letting go to embrace a new level is a part of our pre-destined journey, part of our existence. No we are not always excited about a new road, a new venture, taking a new step or making a new decision but we must venture out. It is necessary for growth.

It is only during those growing moments that our true beauty, talent and spirit gets to shine. It is through that breaking free that we learn how strong we really are, that we are made of so much more than we imagined. I encourage you to embrace the growth, break yourself out of your cocoon and begin to make small changes each and every day. Dont look back. No retreat! And one day before you know it, you will no longer be a caterpillar hanging by a thread, defeated. You will spread your wings as a beautiful butterfly, embrace the warm sunshine and begin your journey of a thousand experiences, accomplishments and destinations; embracing flowers as you go by, enthralled by the blessings, joys, thrills and accomplishments and ascending higher than you ever thought
possible when you were wrapped in your little cocoon.

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