can you really love mi?


© photo by michelle bryant

the days are long and lonely
and the nights i lie awake
staring at the ceiling
with nothing to do but think.

and so i ask myself..

can you  really love mi?

i reminisce about days gone by
when you held mi close
when our love was so special
and i felt our love would grow.

but now i ask myself..
can you really love mi?

our hearts are both so fragile,
been wounded, hurt and torn.

a lot of things have happened
and i’m sure there’ll be some more.

and so i ask myself..
can you really love mi?

if i can forgive and forget,
move on and move forward again,
can you promise never to leave mi,
to stay by my side ‘til the end?

i wonder..
can you really love mi?


are you strong enuf to make the choice,
to say no matter what – we’ll make it through,
to say you 
really can be happy
as long as i’m with you?

until then i ask..
can you really love mi?

i wonder.

if you can.

for it would mean you really do love mi.

are you willing to prove yourself to mi,
to set aside your own ways?

for in your eyes i’ll feel your heart
and i’ll know your love’s to stay.

(and) then no longer i’ll need to ask myself..
if you really can love mi!


© michelle bryant

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