comfort in the chaos


In 2022 I spent Christmas weekend in the Raleigh area. The wind gusts were so rough that power lines were falling down all over the city leaving thousands of people in freezing temperatures with no heat, no lights and no idea how long the predicament would last.

I think sometimes we feel that way in our everyday lives: stuck, helpless, powerless with no real idea of what lies ahead on the horizon or how to handle the present.

Maybe we are in a job that doesn’t use our talents and gifts, or a relationship that takes more than it gives. Maybe we have a habit we’re trying to break and feel we are in bondage, trapped with no hope in sight.

So what do we do when we feel boxed in, stuck, powerless, like we have nowhere to go, nowhere to turn and no clue how long it will be?

Girl first, focus. Focus on the sparkle, even if it’s a flicker. Don’t dwell on the negative aspects. If you’re in a job that doesn’t suit your skill set find one that does or figure out a way to utilize your gifts and talents in other ways to bring some happiness into your world. If you’re in a relationship feeling trapped or like the life is being sucked out of you take a closer look. Fix what you can, change what you can, let go of anything in which you have no control. Examine if the good outweighs the not so good and remember we’re not perfect. Life isn’t either.

Yes, we may get thrown subzero temperatures and gusts of wind might blow us away leaving us feeling helpless, powerless and stuck but if we grab an extra blanket, light some candles and cuddle close to someone who loves us. If we focus on the wonderfulness surrounding us, discovering the hidden blessings, then we can get through the storms and rise tomorrow rejoicing ready to tackle a new day.

©️ c. michelle bryant griffin

Photocredit ben mack- pexels

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