Ode to my son- God gave mi you


God gave mi you
so i could be reminded of the joys of playing in the dirt, making mud pies, being loud
and looking for rocks with cool shapes.

God gave mi you to shift my mindset from a girly girl world to one of imminent responsibility and taking chances.

God gave mi you to teach mi
that one can be responsible and a free spirit at the same moment,
that boys DO cry, CAN be sensitive and
do need hugs.

God gave mi you so my heart could know what unconditional love feels like,
to teach mi how to entwine confidence, courage, tenderness and strength into one mighty sword.

God gave mi you
so that as i stare down at that sweet face and tear-filled eyes,
i may be humbled at the words “im sorry” as they literally melt mi in a puddle forgetting everything that happened,
that i would appreciate the vulnerability of tears,
the gift of forgiveness and the power of determination and grit.

God gave mi you, a son as my first child,
that i might acquire a bond so strong it is indescribable and unbreakable,
to see a more innocent version of myself,
and be an example of how to treat a lady,
that i might examine the workings of the male mind and be educated on the character bestowed on being a man,

He gave mi a son because he knew exactly what i needed and when i needed it. He knew a son would fill my heart in a way only a boy could and prepare mi for all the hats and roles of motherhood and
relationship building that would follow.

and i thank God for you every day. You make me proud to be your mom. Happy birthday.

©️ c. michelle bryant griffin

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