do you know?


© photo by michelle bryant

it is a little after 9 and i am wide awake.. my mind is running rampant and i ache to feel you touch mi.

it has gotten to the point that i almost can not fall asleep beyond the point of sheer exhaustion without your caress.

do you know what you do to mi?

what you REALLY mean to mi?

how much i love you?

how much i literally ADORE you?

do you know how my mind and thoughts rarely think of anything else but you?

(and you wonder why i cant focus or concentrate- i was never this bad before..honest!)

are you aware of the impact you have on mi?

on my life?

on my day?

my mood?

are you aware of the fact that i dream of forever with you

yet pray to make it through another day without you?

do you even notice that i tend to lose my breath when you are near?

that sitting beside you sends chills up my spine?

that you make mi tingle from head to toe and giggle like a school girl without even realizing it?

that i am smiling from the inside out and the glow radiates through my eyes to the point that others take notice?

but do you also know that you have the power to destroy mi, devastate mi and crush mi like i have never known?

beyond repair?

to the point im sure i shall not recover.

do you know that i trust you beyond measure with what little there is left of my bruised and battered heart?

for as you love mi back it begins to heal, to beat, to become whole once more.

mended by the sweetness of your kisses, the tenderness of your touch, the gentleness of your words, the kindness of your heart.

it becomes a new and pure heart. preserved for my last and purest of loves.

you move mi and i want to give you all that i have (like the little drummer boy).

in a world of riches, normalcy and routines – i have only mi..

…raw, fragile, carefree, passionate, vigilant and unpretentious..but so completely YOURS!!

i can only pray that i make your life as exciting as you make mine..

everyday we are alive.

this is why i cant sleep.

you dont even know that you blow mi away and you are not even here.

oh well. good night my love.


© michelle bryant

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