what else can i do?


© photo by michelle bryant

i give you all i have and all i am
and yet it seems like not enough,
like you need more.
i freely love and truly give
have torn down walls from before.

i’d hoped you’d feel it in my touch,
see it in my eyes when you hold mi
and looked deep into my soul.
i’d hoped you feel the beating heart
where once there was a hole.

things seem complicated and askew
and although many days are joyous
there’s something missing inside of you
and so i have to myself quite simply
what else can i do?

one minute we are making plans
of the future we shall share
‘though it’s wonderful yet frightening
i don’t know what you feel
– its like a barrier’s there.

you’re afraid to let go, to let mi in
but i am too far gone.
i wonder what else i can do,
to ease your mind, to heal your heart
to bring the best to you?
i have so little of value

but a heart with arms wide open to love,
a soul that’s waited a lifetime,
to offer what there is within mi,
to be held captive by your touch.
i’ve put more into you than anyone
oh, how i wish you knew

i’ve been transformed and reborn,
opened the bloody wound to heal,
but i don’t know what else to do.
i guess i’ll wait.
and leave it up to you.

© michelle bryant

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