how it is…


© photo by michelle bryant

you don’t know how it is:

if i look at the moon,
hear a song playing (even if im standing in line at the supermarket),
if i touch the softness of a flowers petal,
or smell something cooking nearby,
everything carries my mind to you.

aromas, lights, moments, thoughts, people,
all little butterflies fluttering
down a path that leads mi straight to you,
where you are waiting for mi
like a flower,
open, willing and ready to embrace my tenderness.

but now,
if you shall stop loving mi,
i ask myself if i will stop loving you?

perhaps i will – little by little… if just to ease the pain.

if suddenly you forgot about mi,
would i be able to forget about you?

if you think ive gone mad at my obsession
of my butterfly thoughts passing by
and you decide to reject mi and
move on,
please know
that on that day, on that hour
i shall spread my wings and set you free.

never to look back, to be hurt, to be discarded again.

if each day
each hour,
that we are together
you are more drawn to mi
and you feel you are destined for mi
as the sweetness of the flower i rest upon.

if your lips seek mine
and the fire within you burns to ignite within mi
and nothing is forgotten.

if my love should feed upon your love,
and you should crave my craziness, my quirkiness,
then on that day,
know, that as long as you live
it will be in your arms i shall stay
close to your heart,
right by your side, resting
softly and tenderly
and then, you also will know
how it is.


© michelle bryant

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