how do you celebrate (the holidays) without them


how do you celebrate (the holidays) without them?
you grieve.
you cry.
you vent.
you scream if you must.
but you proceed.
this means YOU are now them.
you are the one who now makes the magic,
who continues the traditions.
you make sure things continue
as they would have wished.
you never actually move on.
you only move forward.
but you celebrate them.
yes, you hurt.
yes, it’s difficult.
you miss them, their voice,
their smell, their smile.
oh so many things.
so, be gentle to yourself.
be kind.
ask for assistance and strength
if you need it.
but proceed.
and do what you need to do…
to keep their love alive,
to make their memory unforgettable
and their legacy last.
and as you carry forth their torch
remember that the loss may be immeasurable
but so is the love left behind.

(c) c. michelle bryant griffin

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