i just want to hold you…


© photo by michelle bryant

surrounded by these six pillows
i lie here awake in my bed
letting my thoughts run wild,
wanting to hold you instead.

imagining you’re next to mi
gazing into my eyes.

i just want to hold you
until we both subside.

but this pillow is no substitute
for the softness of your caress,
for the places that you take mi
(though they’re dreams nonetheless).

i just want to hold you
in my arms not in my mind,
to replace my dreams with reality
and for once go to sleep not cryin’.

i just want to hold you
but these pillows get in the way
and you’re not around to reciprocate
and so again i slowly fade…
to a land of dreams where my love lives
safely in your arms,
where you and i are wrapped together
snug, in love…and warm.

i just want to hold you
and to have you hold mi close,
tangled together though we’re connected
and never letting mi go.

to replace my pillows with your body,
my dreams with your touch.
i just want to hold you.

is that really asking too much??


© michelle bryant

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