i must be crazy…


© photo by michelle bryant

why do i tend to open my heart to soon.

to feel too often and to much?

why do i allow people in so fast,
to think everyone’s someone i trust?

i must be crazy.

how come i dream love can be
the enigma only mind’s created?

how come i tend to reach for things
that leave mi less than elated?

i must be crazy.

why do i fall so hard and so fast
for someone as hurtful as i do?

how can i not see through the lies?

how can i not see the truth?

i must be crazy.

why must i follow the same path
and still believe people are good?

how come i end up with my heart in pieces
always seem misunderstood?

i must be crazy.

maybe next time i’ll be immune
my heart, my feelings be numb.

maybe next time the arrows wont stick
or maybe i’ll find “the one.”

but then again, maybe i’m crazy.

crazy to think someone exists
who doesn’t play games and is real.

perhaps the numbness will wear off
and someday i’ll actually feel…
what it’s like to be crazy- for someone who’s crazy
for mi as well.

© michelle bryant

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