i think i love you…


© photo by michelle bryant

i think i might love you
but im scared to say for sure
i think im falling deeper
deeper, closer into you.

i think my heart doesn’t know
how to cope with how it feels
but i know i crave you with mi
& i think the feeling’s real.

i think i might love you
but wonder if you feel it too?
i just know when we are apart
i only want to be with you-

& when we are together
theres nowhere else id rather be
than to have you in my arms
while you are holding mi.

im so scared to say i love you
unless you say it first
because for mi to admit that
usually come with hurt.

but ive put words out there
to say i might just love you so
& i want to be with only you
& watch us as we grow.

yes, i think i might just love you
& pray that that’s okay
for now that i have told you that
you might just walk away.

i hope this gives you the freedom
to feel confident, free & true,
to open up and let mi in
& tell mi
that perhaps – you think you love mi too!


© michelle bryant

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