i wanna be the girl…


© photo by michelle bryant

i just wanna be the girl-
that breaks the silence
that creeps within your soul,
sees the wounds
that live behind your walls.

the girl that kisses the hurts away
that keep you from being the man
you’re destined to be.

i just wanna be the girl-
that rocks your world,
that consumes your thoughts,
that makes you laugh,
that comforts your weariness.

the girl that-
curls your toes
as we toss the covers across the room,
whose touch sends you to another planet,
whose smile warms you
even when we are apart.

i just wanna be the girl-
you realize you can’t live without,
you need by your side,
you love more than life,
that makes your world complete.
i wanna be THAT girl!

© michelle bryant

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