its perplexing…


© photo by michelle bryant

it’s exhausting and exciting
and perplexing just the same,
a batch of mixed emotions
with the mention of your name.

these thoughts that consume my mind,
these memories of you,
it’s more than i can handle
i don’t know what to do.

part of mi wants to run
as far as i can get,
another part wants to be
so close to you we melt.

you make my thoughts a muddle
and keep my heart a mess
and i don’t know what to think about you
but i like you none the less.

so this road that i am traveling
is one i’m willing to ride
as long as you are with mi
and i have you by my side.

please bear with mi through my turmoil
as i try to figure things out
for i believe in the end we’ll know
that it’s love without a doubt,

that through all the confusion,
through all the questions we ask,
we’ll know that together-
that we are meant- to last.


© michelle bryant

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