its true…


© photo by michelle bryant

i don’t know how much longer
i can hang on to this ache,
this want
inside of mi~
that longs to be held by you,
loved by you. it’s true.

i know it sounds needy
but i ache to be with you.
i can’t wait to hold you,
to wrap myself around you
and gaze into your eyes.
it’s true.

and yet, no matter how hard i try
i cant stop thinking about you,
about being with you,
loving you.
and i’m torn because
although i want so much  to tell you
i don’t want you to know
it’s true.

this confusion is perplexing.
this desire – exhausting.
and yet day after day,
night after night
i hold you in my thoughts
and in my dreams
instead of in my arms.
it’s true.

i gasp at your touch
and melt at your breath on my skin
but its all i can do.
it’s all i have.
this fantasy of you
with mi,
loving mi~
until my dreams…
come true.

© michelle bryant

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