its time…


© photo by michelle bryant

this time-
it’s time.

it’s really time
to let you go,
to forget that i love you.

it’s too bad that i can give you what you need
but you can’t give it back to mi.

so today, it finally hit mi
and now i realize
for the first time
that it’s really time…

to walk away,
to let you go,
to forget,
move on, forward,
to another time and place
where you are not mine,
where i no longer crave you,
your kiss,
your embrace.

oh, but i ache at the thought.
but you leave mi no choice this time.
i guess you don’t want mi or need mi.
though i hate to let you go-
it’s time.

it’s really time- this time…
to let you go.


© michelle bryant

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