perhaps someday…


© photo by michelle bryant

perhaps someday you’ll open your eyes
and notice the smile has left your face
that love apparently passed you by
in your needing a little space.

perhaps someday you’ll figure out
that my love was pure and real.
perhaps you’ll even think about
the way my touch made you feel.

perhaps someday the wind will blow
and you’ll hear my whisper in its call.
but we may never even know
what might’ve been after all.

perhaps at night ill be in your dreams
and you’ll call my name out loud,
or see something that looks like mi
in the busyness of a crowd.

perhaps someday youll realize
that my love is all you need
and swallow the demon you hold of pride
and come running back  to mi.

perhaps someday you’ll realize you miss mi
and that leaving mi was wrong,
and youll open your eyes and suddenly see
what you wanted was here all along.

© michelle bryant

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