what lurks beneath?


© photo by michelle bryant

a heart once filled with beating peace
now lurks behind a shadow of pain
from all the things that we once were
but are afraid to say.

cant we see beyond the scars from beyond another day?
change the darkness to a rainbow
open up, let love flow once more.
remember the ways we made each other feel

when we loved each other before?
cant we move beyond what lurks, behind the other door?
i’m searching for the things i never got to say
for the love that seems to have died

and praying that there’s love that exists
somewhere deep inside.
cant we get past the past and move beyond the pride?
cant we make a way for the love to get through,

open up to how we used to feel alive?
what if you were making mi all i was meant to be
and that was simply- by your side?
cant we just start over and hold on one more time?

what are we waiting for? what about this moment?
what if its lost in words we never got to say?
baby, don’t give up on us just yet
the sun is breaking on a brand new day.

cant we wake up to the kisses that once took our breath away?
baby before its too late, please, before you say no
since we are here. today’s all we need
hold on to mi, theres nothing to fear

i’m all you need to believe.
cant you see i’m beside you- from now to eternity?
for the rest of my life,
i’m yours.

if only you could see…
beyond what lurks beneath.

 © michelle bryant

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