seeing inside…


© photo by michelle bryant

if you cant see who i really am
then you cant see at all.
if you cant feel the love i have
youll never catch mi if i fall.

if every little thing causes you to mistrust
if you insist on living your life in the past
and holding mi accountable for their sins,
then you will never know of real true love
or be able to make amends.

and your heart is so fragile, youre scared,
i pity the life that you might lead –
a life, with no one there.

if you haven’t learned how my heart really is
or how loyal my devotion can be,
then you haven’t the time to really look,
to see whats inside of mi…

of the love that has stayed,
the many prayers i have prayed,
the sleepless nights ive lied awake,
of the strife ive dismissed,
and the dreams of your kiss..
could it all have been a mistake?

for i believed in you when you didn’t
and i saw the you (that) you tried to hide,
the man you were ashamed to show
for with you – i looked inside.

© michelle bryant

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