the dream…


© michelle bryant

i dreamed of your touch,
your arms holding mi close
as i hear your heartbeat.

the world stands still
with your every kiss.

never have i felt so safe
than at this moment…

when we are wrapped together.

i don’t need things of this world,
big cars, house or bank account
just you – always by my side,
with your eyes staring back at mi.

but this dream –it’s just a dream.

for you are miles away
and your touch
i am left to get from the wind,
your warmth
from the sun,
your kisses
i taste on my lips from the rain.

yet i cling to this dream –
for it’s all i have.

so until you get home
and i can hold you and hear your heartbeat
and feel your warmth against mi
i must live in my dreams.

but then fear sets in.

and i wake up
to the alarm clock ringing
and i realize
it was just my imagination
playing tricks on mi.

for you are not here.

you barely know who i am
and so i cry.

for still i ache,
longing for mi to be all you ever dreamed of,
and for you,
for someone like you,
to make my dreams come true.


© michelle bryant

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