the choice…


© photo by michelle bryant

Tonight my tears fill this glass
But what for are they shed?
My heart is aching missing you
While she lies in your bed.

I try not to think about that
But to dwell on the love we’ve made
Ive got to be stronger and more mature
To let my insecurities fade.

Is half of your love really enough for mi
Can she love you better than I?
Its too hard to share you with another
But to keep you I must try.

Or maybe youll see no one else can compare
and youll notice the love in my eyes
perhaps your heart will wake up and see
what you’ve been seeking is here by your side.

Or maybe youll walk away like the others of the past
And decide this journey is not one youll take
And ill arise in the morning in a puddle of tears
Coping with another heartache.

(But) for now, im praying to God that I get through this.
Maybe ill wake up and its all a dream
maybe when the sun shines though the window
you’ll be right there next to mi.


© michelle bryant

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