your embrace…


© photo by michelle bryant

embraced in your arms,
engulfed in your eyes,
i lie here-
wondering if you’re really true,
wondering how to tell you
what lurks beneath my sighs.

knowing today may be a vapor,trying to live for the moment,
to let go of the past.
yes, i lie here
wanting to give myself wholly to you,
yet struggling to not be aloof,
as my heart beats so fast.

in my paint by number dreams
im lying here with you
surrounded in a bed of love
as your kisses melt every inch of mi.
yet there’s nowhere else id rather be.

as nighttime becomes morning
and you turn your sleepy head to mine
we gently kiss-
mess up the sheets,
and i wonder what i did to deserve you
and where you’ve been all my life,

and you touch mi
and take mi
to places unknown.
i give myself completely to you.
morning rises in our souls
and we become one.

and i know.

i am blessed, for truly knowing you.

© michelle bryant

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