this life i live…


© photo by michelle bryant

what am i doing with this life of mine?
where am i headed and why?
if i died tomorrow would i be missed?
would anyone even cry?

i go through my life day to day
and keep up the daily grind.
but often wonder where i’m headed,
in this mundane life of mine.

i go to work, go to church,
along the way, say hi to folks,
barely sleep, make time to eat,
everyday i simply cope.

but now, i wonder what difference i’ve made
if my life should abruptly end.
would they even know that i was gone
what has my legacy been?

did i take the extra minute
to be kind, generous and giving
or was i so self-seeking,
caught up in merely living?

did i make a point to be the change
that i so wanted to see?
did i make time in my busy schedule
to love those with less than mi?

did i show grace and mercy
in my smile and my walk,
that when i’ve left this earth
it still makes people talk?

well, today i choose to change my life,
to open my eyes and see,
that there’s so much more out there,
than what’s involving mi.


© michelle bryant

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