today i discovered something…


© photo by michelle bryant

today i discovered something about myself
i thought i already knew.

see, i was well aware of the fact
that im in love with you.

i knew that your smile kept mi going
whenever we’re apart,
i knew that i longed for your kisses
and your babbling has captured my heart.

i knew that i craved your arms wrapped around mi
and any time i spend with you is dear
i knew that i was captivated
but what i discovered was what i’d feared.

i discovered that i could lose you
that my world may come crumbling down
that things may change from how they are
and you’ll no longer be around.

that my heart may be devastated beyond recognition
and the destruction beyond repair,
the love and laughter replaced with pain
i’ll reach and no longer find you there.

that my nights will be filled with merely dreams
and memories fill my days,
that my thoughts will be all i’ve left to grasp
and my tears accompanied by ache.

(but) without being selfish i have to say
i can only pray that God intervenes
and somehow answers BOTH our prayers
so we can fulfill each others dreams.


©michelle bryant

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