Who We Are


© photo by michelle bryant

We do not become dreamers, searchers, wanderers.

We are. It is already embedded.

Some of us may still be catching up.

But we will

Dream. Search. Wander.

Our lives will become stories.

Our legacies carriers of the stories that we have lived. 

Some of us are still waiting to live out our stories, to become who we are.

But we will tell. Share.

We do not become creatives. We create.

We experience. We see.

Some of us are still finding our niche, examining possibilities.

But we will build, produce, shine.

As writers, dancers, musicians, peacemakers, helpers we do not become eccentric. 

We are as such. We truly are.

Some of us may still be catching up.

But we will become.

We will find beauty in our flaws and scars, comfort in our gifts and talents, peace in who we are and what we have become.

We may still be catching up, dreaming, wandering, telling stories, creating, and being eccentric but we will remain true to our beautiful selves

and let the world catch up.

~ © Michelle Bryant Griffin

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